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Company and Market News

24 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 from all of at Bonjour! We will catch up with the news for the past year soon, stay tuned!

24 Dec 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of at Bonjour!

20 Jul 2015

We have expanded our premises at our primary location at 2, Trubnaya Sq, and all the business will be moved to one locaton, please note that as of 22 Jul 2015 we will no longer lease the offices at 21, Novy Arbat. Please visit us and forward all mail to our offices at 2, Trubnaya Sq. Thank you.

11 Jan 2015 

In 2015 we will celebrate our 15th Anniversary in business in Moscow! Our translators' network is growing, the services we render daily become versatile and more client-oriented, and in the past 15 years we have developed into an effective and attractive agency satisfying fully the needs of our clients worldwide.

17 Nov 2014

We have opened our second location at: 21, Novy Arbat, Office 601, 6th Floor, Moscow 119019 Russia. However, we kindly ask to forward all postal correspondence to our main offices at 2, Trubnaya Sq. Neglinnaya Plaza Business Center Moscow 127051 Russia. Thank you.

20 Sept 2014

New logo has been designed by our wonderful and talented staff. Now you can see it in the top left corner on every page.

01 Jul 2014

We are happy to release the following information: Cornerstone Translations (2006-2014) has terminated its business operations within Cornerstone Group of Companies

since 01 July 2014. We continue our business and provision of translation services as a new company BONJOUR Translation Agency. Nathalie Bagramiants, remains the Managing Director of BONJOUR Translation Agency. As of 01 July 2014 our main offices will be at:  2, Trubnaya Sq. Neglinnaya Plaza Business Center Moscow 127051 Russia. Please forward all your postal correspondence at our new address. 

Адрес / Address:

2, Trubnaya Sq., Neglinnaya Plaza Business Center, 2nd Floor, Moscow 127031 Russia

Трубная пл., д. 2  Бизнес-центр "Неглинная плаза", 2-й этаж, Москва 127031 РФ

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Описание изображения
Описание изображения
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